In 2012, Bradley Bethel established Coaching the Mind as a forum for disseminating and discussing research and effective practices related to student-athlete support services. However, the blog's direction dramatically changed after February 24, 2014, when Bradley published "Truth and Literacy at UNC," an essay challenging the widely publicized claims about UNC athletes' reading levels. Since then, Bradley has become a vocal critic of the media's sensationalism and of the dishonest tactics employed by radical critics of UNC athletics. Coaching the Mind now serves as a forum for exposing and undermining the media's sensationalized narrative of an athletics scandal at UNC.

As Bradley continued publishing essays on the controversies at UNC, he began developing an idea for a documentary film about how the press abandoned journalistic standards and distorted the truth about the UNC scandal. In addition to writing for Coaching the Mind, Bradley worked throughout 2014 on refining the idea for his documentary. During that time, he also recruited experienced filmmakers to help him, and they began production in 2015.

Bradley grew up in a family of wrestlers outside Toledo, Ohio, and is the oldest of four brothers. He studied writing as an undergraduate at The Ohio State University and earned his MEd in English Education from the University of Toledo. Bradley taught middle school reading and then was a reading and writing specialist at his college alma mater before accepting a similar job at UNC in 2011. He enjoys martial arts and reading and writing about education, film, language, literature, and philosophy. Bradley's fictional heroes are Rocky and Sam Seaborn.